Ball State University

- This school currently is presenting a virtual trip to Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. If you click on this link, you can find a description of former field trips they have created, many of them related to nature.

World Vision

- This site from New Zealand offers some simulations that involve social justice ideas, primarily involving children in third World countries.

Harper's Weekly 1857-1916

- This site has created simulations based on information, art, photos from harpers. they label this site as a study of the Nineteenth Centruy world.

The Motherlode

- This site offers tons of simulations, mostly math and science, but some interesting social studies ones as well.


- ffrom Cable in the Classroom, outsmart the weather in a race around the world. This looks SOOOO cool.

Brain Games

- This article from Education World lists a number of brain exercise sites.