The Good, the bad and the ugly - why it is a good idea to evaluate websites
Pacifc Northwest Tree Octopus - but it is on the Internet, so it must be true!!
WEbsite Evaluation links _ from Mrs. E. Carlson
Why Do We Need to Evaluate Websites - from Madison Wisconsin
Playing It Safe - an internet Safety Webquest
American LibraryAssociation- website evaluation presentation updated link from November Learning
Search Engines results - a rther technical explanation of how search engines find and list information
Alan November - update on links from Empowering Students with Technology
Cyber Safety Units and SourcesIllinois Attorney General page on Internet Safety
Cyber Angels - a program on identity theft from the Guardian Angels organization,
2smart4u - cybersafety from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
Website Evaluation Webquest- created through Bernie Dodge page designed for middle school library users


Class Blogmeister
E-Pals School Blog
YouthVoices - social networking site
Globetrackers site-a unique, engaging way for students in grades 2-6 to learn geography, map skills, and world cultures through an episodic story in the form of blog posts
Mobile Learning Institute - Lots of media rich student porjects
Teacher Tube - content changes daily with new material being added all the time. Not only information for classes, but there are interactive lessons for how to use technology in your classroom.
Middle School Technology Integration
The Collaboratory at Northwestern University
Filamentality - Great source that allows you to creat your own webuqests, treasure hunts and hotlists using one of their templates. Tutorials are also provided for using color,art,etc.
Powerpoints from Pat Bassett, president of NAIS on teaching in the 21st century
Atomic Learning - great resource for training in a variety of programs. can be done in sections.
The Adventure of Teamwork - game simulation
Microsoft Training Page for Office

Web 2.0

50 ways to tell a story using Web 2.0
Youth Voices- a social networking site blogging about real world issues
K12 online conference 2007 - page with many links to presenters,etc.
Social Networking for kids - This site allows students to create avatars and personas. The activities are all educationally related, with a focus on economics.

Collaboration sources

Global School Net
EPals - Register to find a classroom to engage in a project with or merely to correspond
Intercultural E-Mail Classroom connections - links to othersources for cultural connections

Twentieth First Century Learners and Classrooms

- powerful videos
A Brave New World Wide Web Learning new programs or Training
Wikivid- creates video-courses made up of links to free video tutorials from around the web