Day of the Dead Links

Festivals of the Dead-many cultures

- this link explains how many cultures celebrate not only the dead and their spirits, but going into the darkness of winter.

The Days

- an explanation of the schedule for the Days as well as a description of the flowers used.

Day of the Dead History

- This explains how the cultural of the indigenous people and the Spanish conquerors mixed

- mostly a site for tourists, but a brief description of the towns that celebrate the holiday and the basic idea behind it.

This is a rather brief article , although written at a more adult level which could be challenge for 6th graders. I think it explains well the connection between the b lend of cultures for the holiday.

for kids, basic and probably the best source for 6th grade but does not cover everything.

Apparently, this photographer wrote a book and there are some beautiful photos of altars, graves,etc. the photography and traditions sections, including the sidebars, are really helpful.

Elements on the Altar