Rand McNally Online Geography quiz - good way to know what you don't know!
World History for Us All- this is a site from San Diego State University with a number of different lesson plans based on history, geography and time.
News World - This is a VERY COOL mashup of headlines of the day around the world. They are color coded by category and , if you check the links at the top, you can compare news coverage around the world.

Video Sources

History videos - from ":How Stuff Works" . These are pretty cool because they come from the Science Network, TLC and Discovery Channel. Well worth giving a "look/see". Has American as well as World History topics in manageable time frames.

Textbook !!!!!

Human Heritage Website - This is the link for the textbook for grades 6 & 7 which received a copyright in 2006

Grade 6

Native Americans - a great link on resources from Teaching Tolerance
Death in Sakkara- an interactive game in graphic novel format about Egypt from the BBC. Need to sign on to save

Grade 7

Attacking a castle - link for smartboard download. Students plan and diagram attack. Cool!
World Religions - Smartboard link to download presentation
Life in a medieval Castle - short virtual tour of a castle in Wales
Kids in the castle - lessons, links and activities from Education World
Interactive activities - from the Annenberg Media Group
Middle Ages activities - reports, webquests and art activities from Wildwood School in New Jersey
Castle Builder web quest
Motherlode of Medieval links - takes time to look through them all. Phew! I am particulary intrigued by the medieval women site.

Grade 8

Economics and Propaganda

The Story of Stuff- 20 minute video with some thought provoking ideas

General Maps,etc.

Map Games - Pretty basic stuff, lot of drag and drop and jigsaw, but still fun