- Middle School

A collection of activities from the Georgia Department of Education. These activities are divided by subject area and include a large variety of options.

SMARTBOARD LINKS From Smart Technology ,page of links for activities and websites

Smartboard Educator sources - A great resource to begin with either websites that provide interactive activities by area or lesson plans that have already been created for the smartboard.

Interactive Links - Lower/Primary School

Interactive lesson activities - Organized by subject and covers ALL grade levels. Very cool

Tools from Jefferson County Schools-

This site has links by subject areas for ideas about integrating technology in the middle school classroom by subject area. Each subject area has a variety of activities and lesson plan suggesti

with a section for Interactive ( read smartboard type) activities located at the end of every section

Earth Browser - up to date satellite pictures of the earth including storms, hot spots, volcanoes,etc.More current than Google Earth in terms of webcams. Satellite pictures updated every 3 hours.

24 Ways to Use Your Interactive Whiteboard - google document might require a sign -in, but has not only good ideas but attachments that either illustrate of further explain the points to be made. Talks about some of the learning tools as well.

Interactive Math Projects - These use macromedia flash and are from the Center for Teaching and Technology at the University of Virginia. It appears to have some more sophisticated math tasks, but there are some more elementary ones lcoated at the bottom of the page, some even applicable to lower school.

Center for Teaching and Technology - This is the home page for the technology and education department of the University of Virginia. It has a link for each seperate subject unit. Within each page, there are links to interactive activities as well as some other intersting materials regarding the various subject matters.

Whiteboard Math tools - This site is from Great Britain and has an entire page of links matched to activities that connect with their math standards. There appears to be information for all grade levels here, so you need to look by your particular topic coverage.

Jeopardy Links

Mostly Math - marked for 5th and 6th grade

Hardin County Schools- TONS of Jeopardy games sorted by subject area and grade level. Has almost every area covered. They also have a very interesting home page.

Fifth Grade Student - created jeopardy

- from our neighbors in Minnesota. Watch the sound; it has the actually Jeopardy game song which can be annoying after a while.