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If you want to be adventurous and boldly go where no SHS student has ever gone before, Consider this a "Starship Enterprise" page. My goal is to begin a collection of resources to investigate collaboration outside our own walls and , possibly, outside out country.

Schools of the World-

This was sent to me by a person I trust, Lucy Gray.She sent this out while investigating the school of Singapore for Apple Educators.

Science Leadership Academy

- I wasn't sure where to put this information about a very progressive educational idea in Philly. Chris Lehmann, a nominee for Innovative Educator of the Year through Edublogs, is the principal at this school .Check out their curriculum links.

Taking it Global

- An organization formed by and for students that also has a variety of resources and education links


- Calling themselves the largestconnected community of global classrooms, EPals offers a variety of services with safety in mind. You can look at projects avaialbe, create your own, open blogs. Well worth investigating.

The Global Education Collaborative

- This is a social network on Ning created for educators interested not only in collaborating with one another, but learning more about education around the world.

The Flat Classroom Project

- Open for new class registrations every year, this is a program founded by a teacher in Georgia who collaborated with a teacher from Qatar. Together they manage this project and have truly...gone global.


- International Education and Resource Center which was founded 20 years ago. has links both to projects and professional development.

My Hero Project -

a not-for -profit site out of California whose mission is stated as creating "...an eveer-growing internet archive of herao stories from aroung the world." This site has a gallery, loagds of stories and films and invites additions from students aroung the world.