Holocaust Related Literature

The Holocaust

Nazi Diaries from Hell - "The Banalities of Evil' from a National Geographic Special.
Investigating the Holocaust- a collaborative lesson from Read Write Web
Tolerance.org - good site for lots of social justice issues including racism, sexism, etc.
Educational Resources from the National Holocaust Museum
Holocaust Encyclopedia From Unites States Holocaust Museum
A Tragic Legacy - from Thinkquest
Museum of Tolerance Online from the Simon Wiesenthal Center
A Cyberary of the Holocaust
The Voyage of the St. Louis - A story we don't talk about
New! Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center

Anne Frank

Time Magazine's Top 100 People of the Century
We Remember Anne Frank- from Scholastic
The Frank House- official website of the Amsterdam Museum
Anne Frank Online
Anne Frank Exhibit at USHMM
Lessons in Humans Rights and Dignity - from Newspapers in Education


Elie Weisel - First person singular from a PBS special
Night- mapped through Google Earth with captions and links
Symbolism - a lesson plan from Read WRite Think web
Elie Wiesel speech 5/19 at opening of Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center


Teaching Maus in the Classroom
Not Comics- graphic novels covered in the New York Times
NPR Interviewwith Art Speiglman
Maus Resources on the Web
National Comic Book Association guide for Maus
Maus :Another Kind of Holocaust Literature- interesing essay that reviews Speigelman's work

Briar Rose

Interviewwith Jane Yolen on Censorship
Briar Rose Reviews
Study Guide - from Australia

The Wave

Todd Strasser's Home Page
Teaching with The Wave in Modern Germany - an article from Time Magazine, Europe
The Rise of Adolf Hitler - a timeline from The History Place

Genocide Links

Bosnian Links from CNN with archives on the War