Government and American History

Grade 8



Meet the candidates- primary candidates presented by CSPAN
SHSUSelection wiki
Elections for upper grades - from emint a professional development site. contains quite a few links'
eLections- a video game developed by Cable in the Classroom based on the Game of Life
Access, Analyze and Act - election curriculum and units from PBS
Mock Election from Google Educators Election Center- CNN
On The Issues- the presidential candidates and where they stand
The Presidential Field - from the Washington Post
Talking Democracy - CNN for students. Has worksheets and schedules of discussions
Get My Vote- from PBS. A variety of videos sent in by viewers who describe the issues that they think are important
Election hotlist- motherlode of election sources from a public television station in Ohio
Presidential Election wiki- created by Joyce Valenza , nationally acclaimed school librarian. Lots of pages, links, possibilities...
Where Do They Stand - American Schools and the 21st Century with Judy Woodruff.


Declaration of Independence - with an introduction Morgan Freeman. fourteen minutes long, it contains a type of choral reading of the Declaration that helps to focus on the various portions and "voices" within it.
Preamble- From Schoolhouse Rock
How a Bill Become a Law - " I'm Just a Bill" from Schoolhouse Rock
The Charters of Freedom- site from the National Archives on the Declaration, Constitution and Bill of Rights
The President Has Many Roles - a brief slide show from the Smithstonian with an interactive activity using Harry Truman as an example.

American History

History Explorer- from the Smithstonian Institution in conjunction with Thinkifinity.Organized by era and has information about lessons, artificats and media.
Hard Times - study of some times of economic hardship in American History


interactive tour of Ellis Islandinteractive tour of Ellis Island - sponsored by Scholastic