Character and Author business cards - alternative book report
Mercury Theater - Great Place to find info on the 1939 radio broadcast that started a frenzy
Harlem Renaissance webquest - created to follow up on visit to Northlight Theater

Farewell to Manzanar/When the Emperor Was Divine

Children of the Camps - PBS special
Do you Speak American- PBS special about language , dialects, idioms and how language changes
Japanese American Museum
A More Perfect Union - from the Smithstonian

Call of the Wild


Global Connections - Women in the Middle East
Marjane Sartrapi Middle East Buddy Page - who is fighting who?
Mom's Cancer - graphic novel that originally started on the Internet
Random House Teacher Guides for Literature

HOLOCAUST - Maus, Night, Briar Rose


To Kill A Mockingbird - plus an unbelievable amount of sources for other novels
Student Survival Guide -great resource for general information
Mr. Lettiere's TKMB website- with quizzes, projects, integrated units, the whole enchildada!
TKMB lesson plans - from Web English Teacher
S.C.O.R.E. guide - from California, web quest,etc.
A Research Guide for Students - lots of links from a web site called A Research Guide, author not clear.
student survival guide


Laurie Halse Anderson
book unit -Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin High School

The Things They Carried

Class notes
Tim O"Brien lesson plans and books from Web English Teacher

There Are No Children Here/ Our America

The 14 stories of Eric Morse - a second part to Ghetto 101 on NPR
Ghetto Life 101 - stories, audio and links
Research project on issues present in There Are No Children Here -page is from New Trier with many links created by other area schools
Interview- with Alex kotlowicz, author of There Are No Children Here