"As an artist who has dedicated his life to music and the music business, I have seen what illegal music copying has done and continues to do to new and established musicians. I understand why people download music, but for me and my fellow artists, this is our livelihood. When you make an illegal copy, you're stealing from the artist. It’s that simple. Every single day we're out here pouring our hearts and souls into making music for everyone to enjoy. What if you didn’t get paid for your job? Put yourself in our shoes!" - Sean (P. Diddy) Combs

Copyright Basics for kids created by the White Plains, New Jersey School district

"It may seem innocent enough, but every time you illegally download music a songwriter doesn’t get paid. And, every time you swap that music with your friends a new artist doesn’t get a chance. Respect the artists you love by not stealing their music. You’re in control. Support music, don’t steal it." - Dixie Chicks

Piracy and the law from Music United for Strong Internet Copyright, a coalition of associations and organizations invovled in the music industry.

"A lot more goes into a CD than it may appear. The price of a CD doesn’t just go back to the record company. Everyone who works with me to record and distribute my music makes a living and supports their families from CD sales as well. It’s a big network of people from my co-producer, the engineers, my band all the way to assembly line people who help to manufacture the CDs and the truck drivers who get them to the stores. There are now legitimate websites that provide an alternative to illegal burning. I want to encourage my listeners to use these sites and to buy instead of burning illegally. On behalf of the team who works alongside me, we’d appreciate it." -Steven Curtis Chapman

Lesson Plans about creativity and copyright from the National Association of Music Teachers including resources from their copyright center

I’m the face on the CD obviously, but there are a whole lot of people that you don’t see that make it possible. From the drummers, who are very, very talented musicians that have families, to the engineers, and everybody else that plays a part on the record.” – Kelly Clarkson

An infographic by Isreal Peralta on on piracy and the numbers.

"Making an album is a team effort, so when somebody pirates a record that not only affects the artist, but also the people who worked on it like co-producers, co-writers and musicians.” Shakira

​The State of Music Online from Pew Internet & American Life Project

"My producer, my co-writers, my musicians have a big part in my albums. When you download music illegally, those folks don’t get paid." Brad Paisley

Chris Anderson's Why $0.00 is the Future of Business fromWired Magazine


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