Literature about African American History


Plessy vs. Ferguson explained
Brown vs. the Board of EducationNational Historical Site
Brown versus the Board - site created by a junior high class in Kansas
Court Tv lesson plans
Tuskegee Tragedy Webquest
Civil Rights Photo Gallery

There AreNo Children Here/ Our America

The 14 stories of Eric Morse - a second part to Ghetto 101 on NPR
Ghetto Life 101 - stories, audio and links
Research project on issues present in There Are No Children Here -page is from New Trier with many links created by other area schools
interview- with Alex kotlowicz, author of There Are No Children Here

Mississipi Trial-1955

PBS page on the Emmett Till documentary special
more links - look under the social studies section of this page
Strange Fruit- PBS special based on the lyrics of Billie Holiday's 1939 song
The Murder of Emmett Till- from PBS
Mississippi Madness: The Story of the Murder of Emmett Till from Tru TV and Turner Entertainment
Getting Away with Murder- the author's non-fiction version of the story

Warriors Don't Cry

An Interview with the Author - This is a bit long, but worth scanning
Central High School Museum and Visitor Center
Crisis in Little Rock - From Facing History,and Ourselves. Interesting section " In Her Own Words" with Elizabeth Eckford
Jim Crow Museum - This site is both fascinating and powerful
Melba Links
Integrating Central High- The Melba Patillo Story - from Scholastic
Warriors Don't Cry- sampler on Filamentality. Some interesting questions and scenarios involving racial issues
Fifty Years Later- New York Times interview with the Little Rock Nine
Little Rock Nine from the Arkansas Encyclopedia
Little Rock Nine Foundation- celbrates the Nine who were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor